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«You will never be afraid againI» : «The Pacheco project» : Steinar Albrigtsen : Grammofon

«You will never be afraid againI»

Tekst: Tom Pacheco    Musikk: Tom Pacheco

It`s gonna be alright
It`s gonna be fine
Every cloud shall pass
every tear subside
It always takes time
it`s not a straight line
From the seed to the vine
to the grape to the wine
And the wicked night
will enclose you tight
will release its might
in the morning light
And your deepest fears
will dissolve and clear
on this New Frontier
you will persevere
And you will never be afraid again

In danger and doom
black flowers bloom
They fill all your rooms
with frightening perfumes
The ground beneath you
so solid and true
it trembles and moves
right under your shoes

You will realize
you`re not paralyzed
from a well inside
a strength will rise
And you`ll face the hail
you`ll break the trail
you will be a sail
but you will not fail
And you will never be afraid again

Tyrants fall
and nightmares always end
You will never be afraid again

While hunting the fox
on faraway shores
Beware of the bear
right at your backdoor
The terror you feel
he`ll use it to clad
revoke and repeal
the freedoms you had

You must be aware
of the traps and snares
you must not be scared
by the winds out there
Keep your two eyes peeled
Stand your ground don`t kneel
don`t make any deals
hold that steering wheel

And you will never be afraid again