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«Where we used to be» : «The Pacheco project» : Steinar Albrigtsen : Grammofon

«Where we used to be»

Tekst: Tom Pacheco    Musikk: Steinar Albrigtsen

We tried to put it back together, just once more
Ignore the reasons why it didn’t work before
We did the best we could
to weld a shattered core
But some things that have broken
can never be restored

When love is over you know it in your soul
You can’t fake passion when all you feel is cold
We once felt something
such a long, long time ago
Something that has gone for good
to wherever those things go

Too many mountains between you and me
Too many rivers and wild, roaring seas
Too many heartaches, there’s no way that we
can find our way back to where we used to be