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«Plenty of sunshine» : «The Pacheco project» : Steinar Albrigtsen : Grammofon

«Plenty of sunshine»

Tekst: Tom Pacheco    Musikk: Steinar Albrigtsen

Got a lonesome letter
from my daddy today
His great shoulders
carried all of our weight
He said for the first time
I feel like an old man
Treading water
waiting for the funeral van

All my friends are gone
I'm not what I used to be
The house is haunted
with so much memory
I'm watching the snow fall
and the landscape's bleak
This is what I wrote to him
After a week:

There's a lot of hills to climb
before the end of the line
There's a dream or two to find
the clock is loaded with time
There's a vein of gold to mine
that's more then nickels and dimes
Plenty of sunshine still gets to shine
Plenty of sunshine still gets to shine

Now, you've got a family
who loves you very much
Though we may be far apart
we're always in touch
It's a dark night of the soul
you're going through
Believe me I go through
the same nights too

One April afternoon
the warm sun will start
Melting every cold blue ice-berry
freezing your heart
Pleasure and purpose will
return as a friend
You'll find some aces up
your sleeve once again

There's a lot of hills..