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«You can go home» : «The Pacheco project» : Steinar Albrigtsen : Grammofon

«You can go home»

Tekst: Tom Pacheco    Musikk: Tom Pacheco

You’ve been through so much
beyond all belief
You lost everything
you’re way beyond grief
You wandered the roads
like rags in the rain
With blood on your clothes
Half dead, half insane

You got memories
that hi-jacked your dreams
They swim through your soul
like snakes in a stream
You’d have to be Christ
to forget and forgive
One day at a time,
that’s how you must live

You can go home
to the red puppy fields
You can go home
where familiar is real
You can go home
you don’t have to kneel
You can go home
to rebuild and to heal

The fires have burnt out
the armies have gone
They’ve opened the roads
and children sing songs
By foot or by wheel
your neighbors return
And freedom to feel
the nation they’ve earned

A tank on a hill, blown up
and disowned
Pieces of iron, like dinosaur bones
And if you look close
there’s hope to be found
A plaid of new grass,
broke through the black ground

You can go home…