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«Ophelia» : «The Pacheco project» : Steinar Albrigtsen : Grammofon


Tekst: Tom Pacheco    Musikk: Tom Pacheco

There`s a body of a woman
in the river drifting by
The trees are black and mournful
in the yellow twilight sky
She`s wearing a white wedding dress
her hair is long and blonde
A bluebird lands upon her
Then flies off without a song

She floats off in the current
like a ghost so gracefully
A fisherman on a misty bank -gazes idly
She lingers for a moment
in a cluster of dark reeds
Then moves on through the water
to wherever it might lead

And she`s so far from her family
a thousand miles from home
So far from Louisiana
and a life she long disowned
What tragedy and mystery
has brought her to this end
But the Mississippi river
will bring her home again

She spirals through the rapids
where the river meets low ground
Then glides past a small city
where a far-off jazz-band sounds
Her wedding ring is shining
in the torch of the rising moon
Her face so pale and fragile
like a flower past its bloom

And she`s so far……

A tugboat in the distance
goes by with solemn light
A catfish breaks the surface
then swims off to her right
She looks so calm and peaceful
as the night reclaims the sky
No one would ever know,
how much pain she felt inside

And she`s so far………