Wild Whens «Smile On Your Soul»

“Smile On Your Soul” is a story about being far away, while being there. It’s about unintentionally neglecting your loved one, finally realizing it and trying to fight your way back to her. But the way back is long journey, through a broken mind, full of dangers and obstacles. She’s standing there, waiting, holding the hand of someone who’s not really there. Like a living ghost. Clinging on to what once was, hoping and praying that her man will soon return to her as his old self. He has been trapped in his own mind for so long that he has pretty much forgotten all about the real world, until one day, when the longing in her eyes pierce through his very soul and hits him like a hammer. He’s awake. Aware, and feeling all her pain. At last he’s ready to find his way out of the maze and through the battlefields, to give her back what he stole. And put a smile on her soul.

Esben Meyer Kristensen - Tekst / Melodi / Produsent / Vokal /
Elektrisk gitar / Akustisk gitar
Sondre Gautefald - Elektrisk gitar
Torstein Vesteng Vala - Elektrisk gitar
Tony Portås Moen - Bass
Truls Kristoffer Vennman- Trommer
Halvor Halvorsen - Tekniker / Miksing / Mastering


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  • 1Smile On Your Soul ByEsben Meyer KristensenEsben Meyer Kristensen00:00