Wild Whens «Okay, Just Fine»

Living your life on someone else’s terms, supressing a big part of yourself to please them. Your passion, your dreams. What you really want in life. WELL THAT’S NO LIFE! And that’s what “Okay, Just Fine” is about. Are you going to live your life being okay, just fine? Because you’re feeling restricted by the one who are supposed to lift you up and be your biggest supporter. Or are you gonna say TO HELL WITH THIS! I’M GONNA DO ME! And I’m gonna take this journey alone until I meet someone who accepts me for who I am, who wants me to go chase my dreams! Chances are, you’ll faceplant multiple times on your way to achieve great things, and you may never reach your goals at all. Who knows! But at least, down the road, you can look back knowing that you followed your heart. You gave it your all and you did what was right for you. NEVER let anyone or anything hold you back! Don’t go through life being okay, just fine when you can be so much more.

ESBEN MEYER KRISTENSEN - Tekst / Melodi / Produsent / Vokal /
Elektrisk gitar / Akustisk gitar
SONDRE GAUTEFALD - Akustisk gitar / Akustisk 12-strenger / Piano
HALVOR HALVORSEN - Tekniker / Miksing / Mastering


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