Wild Whens «Little Hideaway»

“Little Hideway” is a story about fear and anxiety. About a life behind walls. Walls that your own mind has created for you. And life inside this little imaginary room is all you know. It’s all your subconscious wants to know. You strongly believe that outside your door, there’s total darkness, and vile creatures are lurking around just waiting to sink their teeth into your skin. But the truth is, those make believe foes, they’re inside of you. And in your little hideaway, it’s so dark that you can’t even see your own hands before you. It’s easy for others to see a way out. Heck! You can just open the door, let some light in and think happy thoughts, now can’t you? No. They don’t know. They don’t know what it’s like. A knock on your door can be a terrifying thing. Your phone rings, but you’d rather walk through lava than answer it. And it’s not because you don’t wanna talk to people, it’s because this force inside you is stopping you. It’s twisting your gut everytime someone approaches you, so you’re shying away to make it stop. And as a result, people stop calling. They stop coming around. You’re on your own. Some will eventually see a beacon of light in the distance so they can navigate their way out of the darkness. Some may never see that light. Don’t have a clue what I’m talking about? Count yourself lucky.

ESBEN MEYER KRISTENSEN - Tekst / Melodi / Produsent / Vokal /
Elektrisk gitar / Akustisk gitar / Akustisk 12-strenger
SONDRE GAUTEFALD - Elektrisk gitar
HALVOR HALVORSEN - Tekniker / Miksing / Mastering


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