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«Sunny day» : «Don`t leave» : Lewi Bergrud : Grammofon

«Sunny day»

Tekst: Kjell Inge Torgersen    Musikk: Lewi Bergrud

An empty glass, a worn-out book of pictures.
She never takes the time to make her bed.
The years that brought her tears are lost forever.
And all that's left are moments in her head.

They say that life is free - I say it's frayed.
But could I, pretty please, ask anyway?

When rain is pouring down,
when no-one is around,
when trees are blue,
the skies are green,
and I see a black hole sun -
then give me just, you know,
another sunny day.
That's all I ask,
that's all I want, all I want to say.

She looks across her dreams on coloured paper.
She gets up on her feet and shakes her head -
perhaps she could try on a pair of walking shoes?
She got them from a friend, they're all too red...

She runs the laces through her shaking hands -
it rains outside, but could she take the chance?