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«By your side» : «Don`t leave» : Lewi Bergrud : Grammofon

«By your side»

Tekst: Lewi Bergrud/Miriam Våga    Musikk: Lewi Bergrud

I`ve been away. I`ve seen so many things.
I`ve searched to find the truth.
But people filled me with all their thoughts and doubts.
Felt it drove me away from you.

This is where I want to be.
By your side.
This is where it`s good to be.
By your side.

I sure have learned it`s empty without you.
It`s been up to me to choose.
Your my greatest friend. With you I feel so free.
Now luckily, I`m here.

You waited patiently for me to find my place to be.
With you I do belong. Now I have found my home.