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«Hold on to your dream» : «Don`t leave» : Lewi Bergrud : Grammofon

«Hold on to your dream»

Tekst: Kjell Inge Torgersen    Musikk: Lewi Bergrud

Some days seem black as night,
when every wrong is right,
and dust gathers on your light.

(But) beyond there's silver, I'm told,
and in streams of dreams there is gold!

Are you feeling your life is running on and on?
(That) it never takes you for a ride?
But open your eyes to where you're coming from -
and hold on to the dream you have inside.

Do you feel opportunity
disappear with age?
But your dreams are golden -
keep the faith!

Grow onto the dream you have inside.
Let no-one erase the dream you're given!