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«Forgiven» : «Don`t leave» : Lewi Bergrud : Grammofon


Tekst: Kjell Inge Torgersen    Musikk: Lewi Bergrud

I keep the record straight for every word.
I cut myself on every deed you don't.
I'm nurturing my growing worry
when you don't say you're sorry, and I think you should

Forgotten's not forgiven, you know.
Forgiven's forgiven, move on!

The things that kept me down can't be denied,
but fears that were instilled must be my own.
I put the nagging stories on the shelf;
I know they're there, but I don't read them anymore

Forgotten's not forgiven, I know.
Forgiven's forgiven, move on!

Not forgotten, but forgiven, now I move on!