«Wishing Well»

Tekst: Christer Slaaen/Phil Madeira    Musikk: Christer Slaaen/Phil Madeira

if you need a man who has it all
I’m the number one guy to call
I got watches in my overcoat
I’m a walking talking shopping mall
and I really don’t give a toss
there’s no borderline I won’t cross
I’m kind of like the big bad wolf
and I’m knocking down your house of straw

I’m the greatest story never told hallelujah
I’m just trying to save my own sad soul

I’m a tangled up kind of man
the saxophone in a bluegrass band
but I blame it all on catholic school
and an Irish nun called Sister Fran
open up your heart to a dude
never met a soul he didn’t wanna use
I’m a pop song on the radio
with double dose of lowdown blues

who I really am, who can tell?
well it’s mighty hard being myself
but I promise not to miss the mark
throwing pennies down your wishing well