«I Hope She Don't»

Tekst: Joakim Hansen Solbakken/Phil Madeira    Musikk: Joakim Hansen Solbakken/Phil Madeira

I got a puppy, a german shepherd
can’t resist her face
she’s a good dog, I call her Pepper
and now she owns the place
got a girlfriend, it’s complicated
guess I’m a lucky man
that kind of love’s a little overrated
I hope you understand

I don’t mind
don’t mind
don’t mind if I’m all alone
she might
she might
she might make my house
I hope she don’t

got a banjo sitting by my bedside
I play it every day
high lonesome Rudy Lyle
in the old time way
got a phone call from my mother
asking ‘bout my girl
“get married like your brother
it’ll change your world”

got a puppy, I call her Pepper
can’t resist her face