«Glory Bound»

Tekst: Joakim Hansen Solbakken/Phil Madeira    Musikk: Joakim Hansen Solbakken/Phil Madeira

used to be us on saturday night
getting wasted, telling lies
laughing hard enough to make me cry
we were reckless, foolish kings
wouldn’t want to change a thing
but I wasn’t man enough to say goodbye
I don’t know who turned away
clipped the wings on feet of clay
never met a grown up who could fly

you and me buddy, flying free buddy
we were never coming down
back when we were glory bound

we were jumping off the Warren bridge
just like fools and heroes did
on the day I almost up and died
you dove in like a diving duck
took my hand and pulled me up
you wouldn’t let the river take my life
I walked across that bridge today
I looked down and saw my grave
losing you cuts me like a knife

just like Icarus
those wings were not enough

some things are better left unsaid
that glory road came to an end
just like a bottle on the shelf
I miss you but I’m looking for myself

just like Icarus
those wings were not enough
to keep us off the ground