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«What’ll I do» : «Kindly keep it country» : Rune Rudberg : Grammofon

«What’ll I do»

Tekst: Billy Dee/Wendel Adkins    Musikk: Billy Dee/Wendel Adkins

It`s The first day since you left me
Here I sit all alone, what`ll I do
I`m so used to having you around, baby what`ll I do
I keep searching for the reason
You treated me this way, what did I do
Without your sweet love to hold on to, baby what`ll I do

What am I gonna do when reach out at night for you and you`re not there
What`ll I do
What am I gonna tell my heart, when it start`s to break
What`ll I do
Who`ll pick up the pieces of a broken hearted man that`s been a fool
Without your sweet love to hold on to baby what`ll I do