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«Shot full of love» : «Kindly keep it country» : Rune Rudberg : Grammofon

«Shot full of love»

Tekst: Robert Lee Mc Dill    Musikk: Robert Lee Mc Dill

Once I had a heart cold as ice
Love for me was only for fun
I'd make a mark for each broken heart
Like notches on the butt of a gun

Once I had a trick up my sleeve
And a reputation all over town
I was heartless and cold wherever I'd go
I shot down every young girl I found

Yes, I used to be a moonlight bandit.
I used to be a heartbreak kid
Then I met you and the next thing I knew
There I was, Oh, shot full of love

Well, who'd have thought that someone like you
Could take a desperado like me
But oh, here I am, I'm as meek as a lamb
My bleeding heart's there at your feet