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«The number» : «Kindly keep it country» : Rune Rudberg : Grammofon

«The number»

Tekst: Dennis Knutson/Vern Gosdin    Musikk: Dennis Knutson/Vern Gosdin

I was pouring my heart out to a stranger at the bar
We talked about what happens when a man goes too far
Then he mentioned this woman he knew across town
Ah he said she was something to behold in her gown
She knows how to hold you like no woman can
She's pure satisfaction to a sad lonely man

When the guilt in my conscience had packed up and gone
He gave me her number and I went to the phone
My whole world just came to the end of the line
Cause the number he gave me was mine
I wanted to hurt him with all that I had
Oh but I knew it was my fault that she turned out bad
God knows I wanted to lay down and die

Cause the number he gave me was mine
Ah the number he gave me was mine