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«YouTube» : «Boomtown» : Tom Pacheco : Grammofon


Tekst: Tom Pacheco    Musikk: Tom Pacheco

Hold your cell phone camera then click
Videotape that will do the trick
You’re Tarantino, you’re Felini too
The whole worlds open every private view
A Kangaroo acting rude
They’ll love it on “YouTube”

There’s somebody standing on the Brooklyn Bridge
He’s gonna jump soon when the cold wind shifts
You don’t try to talk to him and say
His life’s worth living, don’t throw it away
You wait till he makes the leap then you
Put it on “YouTube”.

Put it on “YouTube”
Put it on “YouTube”
Nothing’s sacred anymore dude
Put it on “YouTube”

Greedy politician in a bright red tie
The kind of politician money can buy
Hangs out with a lobbyist he knows well
At a blue corner table in a big hotel
Take a picture of the cash that’s passed and
Put it on “YouTube”.

Your Rock and Roll girlfriend she left you
You’re jealous, angry, ego bruised
You find a few sex tapes that you’ve got
She never had a clue that the film was shot
Now everybody’s gonna see her silicone boobs
On “YouTube”

Put it on “YouTube”
Put it on “YouTube”
When a terrorist blows up a city
You'll see it on YouTube

You can film a revolution hiding on the sly
Get the tape smuggled out to the world outside
Film a basketball star cheating on his wife
Kill his whole career, complicate his life
Let Fox News be your friend
They'll put it on YouTube

Five cops are beating someone on the street
A homeless veteran in the frozen sleet
Who stole a tuna fish sandwich from a store
The clerk saw him slip it out the door
There's gonna be trouble in the precinct
When it hits YouTube

Put it on “YouTube”
Put it on “YouTube”
Everybody’s gonna be a star for a week
On YouTube

Put it on “YouTube”
Put it on “YouTube”
Everybody’s gonna take a little peek
When they see it's on YouTube

Put it on “YouTube”
Put it on “YouTube”
When a hurricane blows away a weatherman
See it on YouTube