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«Stranger in my house» : «Godt å se deg igjen» : Tore Halvorsen : Grammofon

«Stranger in my house»

Tekst: Mike Reid    Musikk: Mike Reid

There's a silence here between us
I've never heard before
And I can't find the love
In her eyes anymore
There's some changes going on
I'm beginning to understand
When I'm holding her
I swear I feel the presence of another man

There's a stranger in my house
Somebody here that I can't see
Stranger in my house
Somebody here trying to take her away from me

She sits staring out the window
A million miles away
And when I ask if she's all right
She never has too much to say
Is it somebody we both know
Or somebody she just met
Is she loving him in her mind
While she's lying here in my bed

There's a stranger in my house