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«Palpitations» : «Palpitations» : Joakim Solbakken : Grammofon


Tekst: Joakim Solbakken    Musikk: Joakim Solbakken

My eyes were blurry
You made me so worried
When I saw you right under the moon
May turned to june
I couldn’t believe you were true

My heart was aching
My legs were shaking
Palpitations, I can’t conceal
Someone pinch my hand
This can’t be real

Welcome to my heart
You work of art
You can never fail me, never shall we part
Be as patient as you can
Gotta trust in your ol’man
I might not know a thing
But you got all my loving

I put you in my wrecked car
We’re not gonna drive far
I might be no good behind the hood
I’m out of my self and won’t drive like I should

I made a scene at the store
I had to tell’em what was going on
They didn’t blink an eye
Nor look to the sky
Happy guy, had to tell somebody why

I’ll never get, never forget
How you changed my mindset
Flipped my head around,
got my feet back on the ground
I’ll be here as long as you will
When you grow up
I’ll be here still
Always will
Be here still
Always will

Welcome to my heart
You work of art
Chase rainbows and waterfalls
I’ll be there when you call
In my heart there’s a flood
I’ll bear you through the mud
I’ll bear you like nothing
Cause you got all my loving ...