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«Bullet train» : «Bullet train» : Humming People : Grammofon

«Bullet train»

Tekst: Joakim Hansen Solbakken/Phil Madeira    Musikk: Joakim Hansen Solbakken/Phil Madeira

My brother, I can’t cover up the gospel truth
I know how it was and what I promised you
but you pissed away every good thing that was yours to take
I thought I could carry you, but even strong backs break

the bullet train ain’t coming back
the wheels are singing down the track
from where I stand the moon ain’t getting any brighter
so goodbye brother, riding the silver liner

My brother, you made your choice you made your bed
with all your kinfolk hanging on by a thread
you schemed and dreamed and cheated in the dead of night
(hell bent on getting higher)
whoever said that true love wins ain’t got it right

I’m thinking of the way it used to be
back when you and I were thick as thieves
til she handcuffed you and threw away the key

no I ain’t gonna saddle some woman with all the blame
she might have soaked you down with kerosene,
but you lit the flame

I curse the day you crossed each other’s crooked path
(hell bent on getting higher)
you held her close, the fire rose, and burned it down to ash